Energy Utility Case Study

Product Focus

Smart Meter Prepaid Program


An energy company launched a prepaid program for those consumers who already had a Smart Meter installed and wanted to identify who was enrolling in their program in order to better target their messaging and prospecting efforts to increase enrollments.


To gain insight and understanding about ‘Who these early adopters are’, what do they look like based on their demographics, behavior attributes, and across markets.

faviconThe NEXXA Solution

Use profile analysis to identify the key attributes that represent their current prepaid customers. By selecting those prepaid customers and comparing them to the universe of consumers in that market, Nexxa helped the energy marketer to increase prepaid program enrollments. The company is now able to better leverage their marketing programs- targeting prospects that are likely to be prepaid program customers.


The energy company has successfully increased enrollments since the launch of their Smart Meter Prepaid Program and continues to gain valuable insight into the unique segments within this group. The energy marketer was also able to identify additional opportunities for promoting other related programs- creating increased customer retention.