Consumer Marketing

Consumer Marketing Help your business identify new prospects and engage with existing customers Nexxa’s Consumer Marketing products can give your business the competitive advantage it needs! We have offline and digital solutions to help you identify new prospects and stay engaged with current customers. Featured Products New Movers Stay ahead of the competition by adding … Read more

Commercial Multi-Tenant

Identify prospects in multi-tenant units, maximizing your opportunity to reach neighboring businesses. Target neighboring businesses in multi-tenant buildings where you already have customers. We can help you reach the businesses directly or the property owners who are making the buying decisions. NEXXA’s Commercial Multi-Tenant file provides a unique opportunity to identify and target neighboring businesses … Read more

National Business File

Reach businesses nationwide, big and small. Nexxa National Business file provides marketers with a unique strategy for making key marketing decisions. Let us help you identify your audience and reach key businesses across offline and digital channels. NEXXA’s National Business File is updated monthly to bring you the highest quality data to get results. Let us … Read more

Business Marketing

Business MArketing NEXXA offers the highest quality business databases in the marketing industry Let Nexxa help you identify new business prospects. No matter the type or size of the business you are looking to reach, we offer the most extensive data coverage for your marketing programs. Featured Products National Business File Reach businesses nationwide, big … Read more

Record of Proof

Worried about complying with data privacy laws? Nexxa can help you overcome the challenge of identifying, managing, tracking, and reporting on consumers who have indicated a preference or choice in how (or if) you market to them. NEXXA’s Record of Proof service can help alleviate the worry by providing immediate value to the enterprise without … Read more

Identify Verification

Establish consumer identity to reduce fraud while protecting privacy data. Let Nexxa assist in identifying the type of verification that best suits your business needs. NEXXA’s Identity Verification services can help your company effectively and confidently establish consumer identity as a part of your operations. By minimizing fraud, you are not left baring the all … Read more