Lead ID Management

Pinpoint invalid enrollments from 3rd party vendors. Stop experiencing a high percentage of invalid enrollments that result in lost revenue and increased cost. Nexxa’s Lead ID Management program can help ensure invalid enrollments do not pass through TPV. NEXXA’s Lead ID Management program can help pinpoint invalid enrollments that should never pass through TPV while … Read more

Energy Risk Services

Help combat the threat of fraud while improving customer engagement. The Energy Industry is facing a myriad of risk and fraud issues as a result of unauthorized customer account openings, bad debt collection and identity theft. Nexxa Energy Risk Services provides companies with the tools to verify consumer identities and improve operational costs. NEXXA Energy … Read more

Energy Utility Boundary ID

Nexxa Energy Utility Boundary ID provides energy marketers with accurate and timely boundary information for making key marketing decisions. Energy marketers are often tasked with entering a new energy market and do not have easy access to the specific geography needed, commodity percent within zip code, and identification of overlapping utilities. Now with NEXXA’s Energy … Read more

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions NEXXA is the Industry Leader in Energy Marketing Solutions Nexxa has worked extensively in the Energy & Utilities Industries to develop Residential and Commercial lead and data solutions for marketing, operational efficiencies, and risk mitigation. Our revolutionary approach can give your company the competitive edge it needs for customer acquisition, engagement, growth and … Read more