Data Privacy Solution

Mitigate risk with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and TCPA. Our scalable solution is designed for minimum impact to your operations.

Nexxa Data Privacy Solution provides you with a centralized system of proof for managing, tracking and reporting on how consumer data was used in marketing across communication channels.

Nexxa has consistently brought innovative solutions to our clients to reduce risk and create operational efficiencies, while allowing our clients to focus on their marketing, sales and growth their businesses.

Today, we are all faced with ever-changing legislation on data privacy, data security and consumer rights. Whether at the state level, national level or global level, these requirements can cause uncertainty and increased costs.

Nexxa has partnered with an advanced privacy solution company to create a system of record, transparency and confidence in your complex ecosystem of data, marketing and data distribution – all while honoring consumer preference.

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Fast Facts

NEXXA’s Data Privacy Solution offers the following key benefits: