What We Do

Nexxa provides innovative marketing solutions to help businesses target their best customers, prospects, and markets – all while honoring consumer data privacy and choice. Our Services Stay ahead of the competition while protecting consumer choice. Our revolutionary approach to data can give your company the competitive edge it needs for customer acquisition, engagement, growth, and … Read more

Data Privacy Solution

Mitigate risk with data privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA and TCPA. Our scalable solution is designed for minimum impact to your operations. Nexxa Data Privacy Solution provides you with a centralized system of proof for managing, tracking and reporting on how consumer data was used in marketing across communication channels. Nexxa has consistently brought innovative … Read more

Data Integrity Services​

Data Integrity Services Let NEXXA uncover key data processes that streamline your workload and improve results Data integrity is a basic requirement for effective, cost efficient marketing. Leverage our knowledge and quality data sources to improve your marketing ROI. Featured Products Data Hygiene Streamline your data and improve marketing ROI. Our experts will guide you … Read more

Web Visitor ID

Web Visitor ID

Turn anonymous website visitors into fully identified consumers. As channels of marketing and audiences continue to shift, it is crucial to know who was on your website. Converting anonymous visitors into fully identified consumers is a cost-effective way to capture leads from your website and market to them quickly. NEXXA Web Visitor ID empowers brands, companies, … Read more

Insight Analytics

Identify and target your best prospects to maximize your marketing results. We believe that knowledge is power. Nexxa’s Insight Analytics gives you the tools you need to make relevant marketing decisions- whether engaging existing customers or strategically targeting your best prospects. NEXXA’s Insight Analytics provides marketers with the key decision making tools to engage customers, … Read more

New Movers

Stay ahead of the competition by adding New Movers to your existing marketing program. New Movers are excellent prospects who are eager to establish relationships as they settle into their new homes. NEXXA’s New Mover file offers you the most comprehensive national coverage of New Movers available today. NEXXA’s New Movers provides marketers with accurate … Read more