Energy Risk Services

Help combat the threat of fraud while improving customer engagement.

The Energy Industry is facing a myriad of risk and fraud issues as a result of unauthorized customer account openings, bad debt collection and identity theft. Nexxa Energy Risk Services provides companies with the tools to verify consumer identities and improve operational costs.

NEXXA Energy Risk Services helps companies verify consumer identities, perform debt collections, and help protect their organization from fraud – without turning off legitimate customers.

The database provides a comprehensive view of US consumers including:

  • Address history
  • Demographics
  • Relatives, neighbors and associates
  • Right-party contact information
  • Deceased flags
  • Assets owned
  • Criminal information
  • Judicial

Data can be delivered via a variety of methods including batch, web services, and real-time API, allowing companies to conduct a variety of security and verification functions.

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Fast Facts

NEXXA’s Energy Risk Services offers the following key benefits: