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Nexxa Group and Earth Etch Strategic Partnership Brings Comprehensive Compliance Resources to Energy Companies

Today, April 8, 2024, Fort Myers, Florida—Nexxa Group and Earth Etch announced a strategic partnership to promote best in class, comprehensive suite of compliance services to the Energy Industry.

Nexxa Group helps energy companies build a solid Do-Not-Call (DNC) and Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) centralized compliance strategy to proactively mitigate risk.  Our services include access to Federal and State requirements, knowledgebase resources, compliance checklists and services, and compliance best practices.

Earth Etch helps unravel the complexities of regulatory and utility compliance for energy companies worldwide. Our operation team helps Retail Energy Suppliers, Brokers, and Service Providers accelerate entry into new markets and maintain ongoing compliance via Market Monitor services.

The collaboration enables us to blend advisory, compliance, training, and implementation services- facilitating the seamless expansion of market presence for energy companies.  Together, our companies are preparing to host a series of webinars, showcasing our combined service offerings and illustrating the advantages this partnership brings to clients through their organizations.

“This partnership was a natural fit. Both companies are passionate about joining forces to bring best practices to Energy Marketers along with our energy industry expertise and suites of services to help proactively mitigate risk while meeting regulatory requirements,” said Holly Paulus, CEO and Founder of Nexxa Group.

“With this new alliance, we want to announce some innovative new solutions, including the launch of a joint training platform, state-specific PUC audit checklists, an operational portal, and so much more. Wherever companies do business, our strategic alliance provides the expertise and tools firms need to mitigate risk so they can funnel all their energy into growth,” said Madelon Kuchera, President and founder of Earth Etch.

“We have a number of clients who have expressed interest in a more integrated consulting service experience as U.S. companies expand across the country or as EU firms look to expand here,” said Madelon Kuchera.

“Our companies share a similar business philosophy, and our complimentary energy expertise allows us to leverage each other’s services as we help energy providers enter new markets. Our combined energy expertise will also provide a better and more cohesive experience for companies in their expansion aspirations,” said Tom Dougherty, Senior Executive of Operations at Earth Etch.

“This alliance brings together in one place the resources to cover all regulatory and operational requirements for Suppliers, Service Providers, Brokers, EDI vendors and Utility personnel that support their side of the competitive market processes. Whether you are just entering your first market, expanding to new markets, adding gas markets to your existing electric business or just trying to monitor and stay compliant with all the changes in your existing operations, we have you covered,” added Mr. Dougherty.

Let us take the “unknowns” out of your business planning and marketing programs. We are here to help, and our partnership furthers access to the resources you need most. Whether you are a startup or a seasoned energy provider, we look forward to helping you develop a solid strategy so you can focus on company growth.

For More Information

Nexxa Group

Contact: Holly Paulus
Phone: 239-225-1516

Earth Etch

Contact: Madelon Kuchera
Phone: 312-920-1849

Lead Prosper Partners with Nexxa to Add Advanced Compliance Tools to Platform

April 3, 2024, Asheville, North Carolina —Lead Prosper is happy to announce its partnership with Nexxa Group, along with the release of two new Nexxa-based integrations to their platform.

With over two decades of industry experience, Nexxa specializes in delivering innovative, results-oriented marketing solutions tailored to individual business needs. Nexxa empowers businesses to drive customer acquisition, retention, and growth, all while ensuring data privacy and compliance. Two such compliance features Nexxa provides include Do-Not-Call Scrub and Reassigned Number Database Check, both of which can be integrated into your Lead Prosper account.

Nexxa DNC Scrub – With this integration you are able to screen your leads for compliance features such as existing do not call leads, whether a lead is already a customer or if the lead is someone who is a known litigator. Nexxa’s DNC Scrub helps ensure that your campaigns comply with Do-Not-Call and TCPA requirements.

Nexxa Reassigned Number Database Check – This integration is key for qualifying that newly generated leads are TCPA compliant and do not contain phone numbers that have been reassigned, helping to make sure the appropriate individual is being contacted.

Holly Paulus, Nexxa founder and Chief Executive Officer, remarked that Nexxa’s compliance-based features will help many Lead Prosper users streamline their processes.

“Having these integrations with Lead Prosper simplifies everything. We manage a lot of the processes all the way through each of the channels our clients utilize and when it comes to lead generation, there are so many unknowns” Paulus said. “Now with this integration for key compliance checks, our clients will benefit from one centralized view with the opportunity to qualify leads. And it does so in a way that you can pre-screen the lead.”

Nexxa’s Reassigned Number Database Check is a groundbreaking and industry leading solution, especially for verticals in energy and solar. Launched by the Federal Communications Commission on November 1, 2021, the Reassigned Number Database (RND) has amassed over 300 million telephone numbers as of February 2023. Paulus recounted Nexxa’s steps in using this database to develop their own RND Check with enhanced features and why it is an essential tool for protecting calling programs.

“Since the onset of the FCC’s release of the Reassigned Number Database, we have been intimately involved with looking at how clients are handling the reassigned numbers. We’ve looked at customer databases, done audits, and have identified that there are in fact, reassigned numbers that are coming through on those ‘fresh leads’ that are being generated,” Nexxa’s founder said. “The last thing you want to do is think that you have consent from a consumer, dial the number, and then find out it has been reassigned. Checking against the RND is inexpensive, compared to facing a claim where you called the wrong person and didn’t have consent.”

According to Paulus, initial discussions with Lead Prosper’s team and exploration of the company’s mission revealed significant promise in the platform’s capabilities.

“I had a great conversation with Ross about the dynamics, the user interface, and the ability of the team to move quickly. Lead Prosper is constantly developing based on client needs and client inquiries — and I love that because this is an ever changing, evolving ecosystem with rules and regulations. It’s a necessity to be able to shift and change with those needs in the industry.

Having experienced the platform firsthand, Paulus mentioned how she has showcased the significant advantages of Lead Prosper to those in her network. Through Lead Prosper, companies can gain invaluable insight and transparency into the true nature of their purchased leads.

“I work with a lot of energy companies and this allows me to introduce them to a system that offers insight and transparency into what’s really happening with the leads they’re purchasing. It allows them to be proactive, instead of reactive to a potential bad lead or leads that don’t really qualify or get them the conversion they were looking for,” Paulus said.

Lead Prosper is delighted to announce its integration of Nexxa’s advanced compliance features. We are thrilled to collaborate with a reputable organization, further enhancing our commitment to providing top-tier solutions to our users.