Consumer Marketing

Help your business identify new prospects and engage with existing customers

Nexxa’s Consumer Marketing products can give your business the competitive advantage it needs! We have offline and digital solutions to help you identify new prospects and stay engaged with current customers.

Featured Products

New Movers

Stay ahead of the competition by adding New Movers to your existing marketing program.

New Movers are excellent prospects who are eager to establish relationships as they settle into their new homes. NEXXA’s New Mover file offers you the most comprehensive national coverage of New Movers available today.

Insight Analytics

Identify and target your best prospects to maximize your marketing results.

We believe that knowledge is power. Nexxa’s Insight Analytics gives you the tools you need to make relevant marketing decisions- whether engaging existing customers or strategically targeting your best prospects.

Digital Solutions

Contact us to learn more about our managed email and digital programs to your selected audience.