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Combatting Fraud in Retail Energy

A Webinar hosted by The Retail Energy Market (REM) Fraud Coalition - May 21, 2024

This comprehensive webinar provides facets of fraud within the retail energy sector, exploring the ramifications on everyone, from consumers to suppliers and regulatory bodies. Given the far-reaching impact of these fraudulent activities, understanding their dynamics, the scope of their impact, and how to prevent them is more crucial than ever.

Download the Deck and Watch the Webinar

You can download a copy of the presentation in PDF format or watch the video below. The PDF download also includes linked resources for more information on fraud in the Retail Energy industry including a way to report it.

Key Topics

    • The Nature of Fraud: Delving into the types of fraud currently plaguing the retail energy market. Understanding what it looks like is the first step in combating it.
    • Victims of Fraud: Identifying who is most at risk and the repercussions these activities have on all stakeholders.
    • Industry Impact: Analyzing how widespread fraud undermines financial stability as well as trust within the retail energy sector.
    • Prevention Practices: Sharing proven strategies and best practices for preventing fraud, protecting consumers, and safeguarding your business.

REM Fraud Coalition

This webinar is hosted by The Retail Energy Market (REM) Fraud Coalition, which is part of an industry-wide initiative to combat fraud that victimizes consumers and harms retail energy entities within the industry. The REM Fraud Coalition consists of the following companies: Earth EtcheIQdigital, the Nexxa GroupRegulatory Compliance Services (RCS), and TPV Solutions.

The Presenters

Madelon Kuchera – President & Founder
Earth Etch |

Holly Paulus – CEO
Nexxa Group |

Terry McDaniel – President, Retail
TPV Solutions |

Dan Sullivan – President & CEO
eIQdigital |

Kelle Balch – Principal Consultant
Regulatory Compliance Services |

Antitrust Statement

Antitrust Admonition
The Retail Energy Market (REM) Fraud Coalition strictly prohibits retail energy participants and their employees, agents or vendors who are participating in The REM Fraud Coalition activities from using their participation in REM Fraud Coalition activities as a forum for engaging in practices or communications that violate the antitrust laws. The REM Fraud Coalition has approved guidelines for members of Coalitions Committees, Working Groups to be reviewed and followed by each REM Fraud Coalition participant attending the fraud coalition meetings. If you have not received a copy of these Guidelines, copies are available at REM Fraud Coalition. Please remember your ongoing obligation to comply with all applicable laws, including the antitrust laws.

Statement Of Position On Antitrust Issues For Members Of Retail Energy Market (REM) Fraud Coalition, Committees, And Working Groups
It is policy and expectation that all persons participating in the Retail Energy Market (REM) Fraud Coalition activities (including all REM Fraud Coalition meetings, committee meetings, conference calls, email communications and informal discussions) comply with the antitrust laws. Antitrust laws are intended to promote competition in markets, and violations of these laws can result in severe criminal penalties and civil liabilities for individuals and their companies.