Record of Proof

Worried about complying with data privacy laws? Nexxa can help you overcome the challenge of identifying, managing, tracking, and reporting on consumers who have indicated a preference or choice in how (or if) you market to them. NEXXA’s Record of Proof service can help alleviate the worry by providing immediate value to the enterprise without … Read more

Identify Verification

Establish consumer identity to reduce fraud while protecting privacy data. Let Nexxa assist in identifying the type of verification that best suits your business needs. NEXXA’s Identity Verification services can help your company effectively and confidently establish consumer identity as a part of your operations. By minimizing fraud, you are not left baring the all … Read more

TCPA Right Party Processing

Nexxa TCPA Right Party Processing helps identify and remove litigators and serial plaintiffs from your marketing data. Defend your company against Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) violations, which account for around one-third of the TCPA lawsuits. Access this proprietary database as a part of your scrubbing program to identify and remove these litigators and serial … Read more

DNC Channel Partner Compliance

Nexxa DNC Channel Partner Compliance Program puts you in control of compliance requirements. With over 130 million phone numbers and growing on the various DNC databases, maximizing the number of phones you can call while staying compliant is crucial. Doing it right can be the difference between you and un-necessary claims. NEXXA DNC Channel Partner … Read more

DNC Compliance

COMPLIANCE SUITE OF SERVICES NEXXA puts YOU in control of your compliance needs The Nexxa compliance suite of services puts you in control of your compliance requirements with direct reporting and tracking of all scrubbed programs.  With over 130 million phone numbers and growing, on the various Do Not Call “DNC” Databases, maximizing the number … Read more