New Movers

Stay one step ahead of your competition! Our New Mover database is perfect for companies looking to expand their client base locally and nationally.

Reach new movers literally within 8 hours of them connecting their new home telephones! The Nexxa New Mover file makes it easy.

How are we so fast?

The updates are received daily but the secret to our velocity is in the automated file build process. We take raw telephone data and turn it into true new movers that you can use for marketing. The database includes Residential listings with a monthly average of 1 million records. If your objective is to be first in the home with the most coverage nationwide, then our new mover file is your best bet.

What makes the “Data” different?

The highest quality real-time data from the Telco’s nationwide unique front-end distilling process. It ensures only the most accurate records are maintained. It is the most complete national coverage on the market! Experience 15-30% increase in unique comprehensive coverage over the typical Telco New Connect files. These are the most current TRUE New Movers.